About us
We believe in Beaulieu International Group's unique assets in terms of innovation, quality and result-oriented enterprise. Our corporate vision is driven by 5 values:
  • Delight our customer
    Fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations; building sustainable customer relations; responding to new trends proactively
  • Strive for excellence
    Being excellent in everything we do; permanently striving for improvement; excelling in innovation and operational efficiency
  • Focus on people
    Appreciating skills, efforts and diversity; encouraging initiative, involvement and stimulating growth; working as a team and being proud of our company
  • Create added value
    Achieving profit and sustainable growth; generating synergy, deploying talent and resources optimally; creating added value for all stakeholders
  • Act with integrity
    Employing the highest ethical standards and principles; being honest and respectful in management and leadership; proving our credentials as an honest employer, employee and solid business partner