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Generational change in the Beaulieu International Group Board of Directors

2021-01-09 09:37:00


The year 2021 begins for Beaulieu International Group with a generational change. Francis De Clerck, director and family shareholder of Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G.) is succeeded on the B.I.G. Board of Directors by his daughter Caroline De Clerck. 

Caroline De Clerck has a master's degree in Commercial Sciences a.o. and has been active in Ideal Group since 2010, where she has held various positions over the years. For example, she worked for several years in Germany at the Automotive division of this company. In 2018 Caroline De Clerck joined Ideal Group as Director. 

With this change, the entry of the third generation into the family business becomes a fact and the company and the family can ensure stability and continuity of activities and employment. 

Already in 2019 a new step was taken as further professionalization of the company. The Board of Directors was further expanded with four external directors, all with long experience in business operations. 

This new board structure endorses the future strategy and contributes to the realization of the envisaged sustainable growth. 

Composition of the Beaulieu International Group Board of Directors: 

 Stephan Colle, Co-President B.I.G., Luc De Clerck, Caroline De Clerck, Johan Lambrecht, Bart Deconinck, Barbara De Saedeleer, Jan Vander Stichele and Peter Vandekerckhove, the current Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

B.I.G. would like to express its gratitude to Francis De Clerck for his 40 years of activity within the company, his commitment, knowledge and expertise. However, he remains involved in the company as a family shareholder.