About us

As a company with a family heritage and culture, we believe in Social Responsibility. For us this means investing for the long term and working and acting in an economically sustainable way. There is no doubt we want to grow internationally. Innovation has to be part of our ambition: we therefore invest in developing new products that better serve our customers’ needs, in a sustainable way. Nevertheless, while growing and maintaining our business, we take our responsibilities towards our people, the environment and the society we operate in very seriously. We are globally compliant with all the legal regulations in all the countries in which we operate. We also take a proactive role in seeking solutions to be ready for further environmental evolutions.

Beaulieu International Group actively seeks to eliminate or minimize the impact of its processes and products on the environment. 

Beaulieu International Group works diligently to reduce its environmental impact during the whole process of design, manufacturing and logistics, and is developing recycling solutions for the different Business Units. Excellent energy management is a major challenge for the group as the majority of our production processes consumes large amounts of energy, especially the extrusion and drying processes. It is now an integrated part of our business and monitored continuously. We are also always looking for environmentally friendly solutions for our waste management to reduce our ecological footprint. We closely monitor water consumption and use recycled water where possible. For example, electric driven forklifts have systematically replaced our old forklifts, and we are actively looking at new opportunities in transport (train, boat, etc.) to minimize our impact on the environment.